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We are a full service, wealth advisory firm that provides tax, financial planning, and investment management services to busy technology and entertainment professionals.  We utilize video conferencing and other forms of remote communication to provide maximum efficiency and convenience for our clients.

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Taxes are an essential part of any comprehensive wealth management strategy.  We focus on integrating tax planning and tax preparation into all of our client relationships.

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Financial Planning

Our holistic financial planning focuses on all aspects of our clients’ personal and professional lives to help maximize their wealth and accomplish their financial goals.

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Investment Management

We offer independent, fee-only investment advice geared to your specific situation and goals.  Our advice is free of conflicts of interest, as we do not accept any commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks.


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Full Service Tax and Wealth Advising

Managing your personal finances is difficult! You know that you need to file a tax return each year, but are you taking advantage of all the tax savings opportunities? How about your vested stock options and stock units? Are you maximizing those benefits or are you taking undue risk by holding too much of your company stock? Did your company recently get acquired or have an IPO? You know you should probably be reallocating some of your money and saving for the future, but where do you start and how do you know which investments are right for you?

At New Wave Financial Services we understand the complexities involved with managing your personal finances, and strive to simplify your life by providing you with a complete range of services. We have created a unique program focusing on all aspects of your personal finances. The program provides a comprehensive, coordinated service to manage the three main pieces of your financial life: taxes, financial planning, and investments.

With our full service approach, you only have to work with one financial professional to ensure all aspects of your personal finances are being cared for. This comprehensive approach is not only more cost effective and convenient, but it is also more effective. Since so much of your financial life is interconnected, having one person with knowledge of all the moving pieces can be extremely beneficial for you.

Furthermore, we understand how hectic life can be and have structured our business in a way that allows for seamless, remote communication via video conference, telephone and online chats. So, whether you’re a technology professional in the Bay Area or an independent consultant in Boston, we are uniquely equipped to work with you!

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